Frequently asked questions

Website building:

  • Will I be able to edit and update my own website?
    Yes, you will be able to update and change all content (wording) and majority of your images and banners on your website. When your website is ready you will be provided with passwords to your content management system (CMS) an easy to use tool that allows you to access and update the back end of your own website whenever you like. If you want to change more of the structural parts of the website, this will need to be carried out by the web designer.
  • What will my website look like?
    You are in charge of what your website will look like, you can choose the colours, images, draw designs and share examples of your favourite websites in order to create a website that is truly yours and reflects your individual product or service and brand identity. 
  • How long will it take to create my website?
    We have a quick turn around time in our web building, for a standard website, with just a few pages and provided you get back to us swiftly with any edits and provide all information required on time, your website may take as little as 2 weeks. If there are many edits and changes or complicated design work or we do not receive information on time it may take as long as 6weeks. As a guideline it pays to think of it as 4weeks from start to finish.
  • Who owns my website and domain name?
    You own your website and domain, your URL is yours as long as you keep it active with your hosting service. My Robot Monkey will never own your website or domain.
  • How do I get my website to come up in search engine searches such as Google?
    We have made sure your website is fully optimised for searching in all major search engines. The tricky part is improving your search engine rankings so that your website comes up in the first few pages of a relevant search, this can take time and perseverance and there are many things you can do to improve this. The search engines rank off a variety of different data. In your content management system (CMS) you can create, edit and define your own meta data, meta tags, page titles and addresses, relevant information and carry out other search engine optimisation activities. The better and more relevant your content this, with interlinked pages and common click through points from consumers the better you will rank in the search engines.
  • I already have a logo/domain name/email hosting, will I need to get all new ones?
    No you will not need to change anything (you can if you want to), we can use all your existing brand identity, domains and emails, no problem.

Graphic Design:

  • What is graphic design?
    Graphic design is all the imagery that businesses use to make their products or services look appealing and attract customers, it is the logo design, the flyers and advertising, social media campaigns, booklets and catalogues and much more.
  • Can My Robot Monkey create my logo and help me to build a brand identity?
    Yes! My Robot Monkey loves to help businesses stand out from the crowd and help to create a unique logo and then build a distinctive identity for your brand.
  • Can My Robot Monkey graphic design create any advertising I need, such as social media, large catalogues and booklets, mail order flyers, billboards?
    Yes, My Robot Monkey caters to your every design need whether big or small, we are very experienced with creating professional stand out booklets, mail flyers and catalogues, in fact any advertising or promotional material you may want or need!

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before using My Robot Monkey services.

Any complaints or queries about the conduct of MRM or the privacy policies themselves can be emailed to

Acceptance of Ts & Cs:

The following terms and conditions of My Robot Monkey are accepted by the customer via payment, whether full or in part and/or the continued use of My Robot Monkey services, advices and information or any ongoing communication.

Customer responsibility & additional costs:

You must provide to My Robot Monkey all relevant information needed to complete said task. If the information is not provided on time or is in a complicated form with extra links, third party communication or unfinished content, you may incur an extra cost or be refused.

Complex and intricate designs or website code work, as well as excessive reviews and changes may incur an extra cost.

Throughout the process any work will need to be reviewed or edited by you, these edits need to be in one simple, clear form to ensure nothing is miscommunicated. When a website goes live or the finished product is handed over to you in final copy form this signifies that the task is complete. It is your responsibility to check over and thoroughly review your website or design work, checking for any errors. Once you sign it off and indicate that you are happy with it then after that point, any changes or ongoing work may incur additional charges.

Intellectual property rights:

It is your responsibility to ensure that all material provided to MRM by you or anyone on your behalf does not breach the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any other parties and you indemnify MRM against any action taken against MRM by said other party.

Website Specific conditions:

During the process of completing your project/s My Robot Monkey is likely to request domain name and hosting information from you.  This information, once received by MRM may be edited, re-directed or parts removed or replaced in order to proceed. By giving MRM your information you authorise MRM to make any changes we deem necessary.  Such edits to these accounts will potentially disrupt any existing websites, email addresses and/or other services for a short time.

When a website goes live you must do a final review of the functionality of any processes, auto email forms, rotating images, check out, payment, etc to ensure it is as you intend your customer to experience it. Any mass media, bulk mail outs or expected spikes in web traffic must be communicated to MRM staff at least 72 hours prior so that MRM can assess and manage potential impacts on the infrastructure.

In the case that you distribute, condone or publish any illegal, immoral or offensive product, imagery or information through your site. And/or if you breach or are accused of breaching any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights your site may be suspended or shut down pending investigation or removal of the offensive material.

Privacy Policy

It is necessary for My Robot Monkey to collect your personal and business information in order to provide a service to you. We may use it to provide you with information and services requested, improve and to promote our service. At times we may require passwords and access to your domain, email and website hosting servers, we may also need your phone numbers, ABN and email address. We will only ask of you what is needed for us to perform our tasks. We may gain this information from you via phone conversation, online web forms, email communication or in person.

My Robot Monkey takes your privacy seriously; it is our commitment that we will protect your personal information to the best of our ability. We will not share your information with any unnecessary parties nor will we sell or provide in any way, an unrelated other party access to your information for the purposes of mass marketing or other.

My Robot Monkey will not, unless authorised by you disclose any confidential information belonging to you. Likewise, you agree not to disclose or publish in any way, statements, comments or subjects, which may denigrate My Robot Monkey or any of its employees or its business. This obligation survives the termination of the engagement of My Robot Monkey.

My Robot Monkey acknowledges that as an intrinsic aspect of the internet, information may be unable to be fully protected, any information shared over the internet may not be safe. By sharing information over the internet to understand and agree that this is the case.