in China

Let us create and manage your entire eCommerce Chinese strategy.

Website build and migration. Website translation to Chinese.
Baidu PPC and keyword research. This is the Chinese version of Google.

SEO for the Chinese eCommerce market, to be seen.

WeChat and Weibo setup and management. Chinese Social Media platforms. Create a Tmall or Taobao store. These are similar online platforms to eBay and Amazon.

Expanding your brand and products into this enormous eCommerce market can have great benefits, however it can be difficult to navigate. At My Robot Monkey we partner with you creating and managing the entire process.

What we do …

Step 1: Duplicate if possible, or create a new eCommerce Chinese version of your website, including translation from English to Chinese. We create Chinese URLs for your website and new content artwork and creative pieces in Chinese.

Step 2: Setting up and Implementing Payment Gateways, SSL, licensing and government approvals, if required.

Step 3: We supply all Chinese website hosting and support.

Step 4: We provide the overall SEO best practices strategy for Baidu (Chinese Search Engine, like Google).

Step 5: Create and build a Chinese keyword search using Baidu PPC, Baidu keywords planner tool. 

Step 6: Analyse Baidu keywords and your competitors within the China market. Selecting the strong keywords and suitable core keywords for your new Chinese website. Then we create the page title, keywords, description meta, H1, build the internal and external links for each page. 

Step 7: Creating, setting up and managing your Social accounts WeChat and Weibo, if required.

Step 8: We create your Baidu account, submit the new website page URLs, to be picked up by search engines.

Step 9: Tracking and reporting on your website traffic via Baidu tools, we create reports on a monthly basis (Clicks, links, page traffic, conversions, exits and more).

Step 10: Research and report on the benefits or opportunities of creating a Tmall or Taobao store (These are Chinese massive online shopping platforms, similar to eBay and Amazon).

Step 11: On-going management and support.

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FAQs About the Chinese market

Q: Which is the most popular Chinese search engine?
A: Baidu is the most popular search tool in China, Google doesn’t work well in China.

Q: What is the popular Chinese social media marketing tool?
A: Wechat, Weibo, QQ, Youku, Tianya Blog, Sohu, 163 Blog. More than 70% of Chinese use them everyday. China has different social media platforms than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. With different rules.

Q: Which is the most popular payment gateway for online shopping in China?
A: Wechat and Alipay are the two most popular mobile payment gateways and more than 90% of all payments for online shopping use Wechat and Alipay. Only a few Chinese people have a Credit Card and PayPal account.

Q: What will you need if creating a Baidu PPC account for campaign advertisement?
A: a) The company business ABN and TFN
b) A screenshot of your companies information from the government website with logo
c) A screenshot of Chinese website home page and landing page
d) A translation to Chinese and signature

Q: What is the popular shopping platform in China?
A: Taobao, Tmall and JD.

China is the largest eCommerce market, with an estimated $672 billion in online sales each year