Google is a must for eCommerce

Nearly everyone in the world knows about the search engine, Google. However, not everyone knows just how effective Google can be as a marketing tool, especially for eCommerce businesses.

To set up an eCommerce business for the best success possible, we highly recommend using 5 Google platforms; Google Ads, Google Business Profile, Google Merchant Centre, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. A business can use each platform individually but Google also allows you to link them together, which when used correctly, can maximise your marketing campaign success.

Google Ads
Firstly, one of the main benefits of using Google Ads is the huge reach it has. If someone is Googling a question and your ad comes up as the solution, a user is far more likely to choose you over your competitor. Secondly, because you can create ads that appear across all Google platforms, this will help direct a service or product towards your target demographic as Google’s AI knows which users are most likely to purchase. Google Ads are also aimed toward an audience that is in the market to buy and wants to see advertisements, unlike other platforms such as social media. Thirdly, when it comes to sticking to a budget, you can set daily limits, meaning you will never overspend. Lastly, the layout of Google Ads is also simple and easy to understand, making it user-friendly.

Google Business Profile
There are plenty of benefits to having a Google Business Profile. You can personalise and update your information, photos, posts and more at any time. It is also handy to have because Google can direct customers to your shopfront (if you have one) if they are in the area, you don’t even have to have a website. Having a Google Business Profile is also a fantastic way to find out how your customers are finding you and where they are coming from.

Google Merchant Centre
Google Merchant Centre is fantastic in that that they can present a single specific item from your store to customers who they think will be interested in purchasing it. Not only can this help you increase your brand awareness, but it also offers customers a quick and positive shopping experience. You can edit them in real-time as well which means customers will always have up-to-date information.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is easy to use, but has many layers, the deeper you choose to go. It is one of, if not the best analytics tool out there. The benefits of this tools are endless. It helps you understand user behaviour, identifies your target market, tracks how your business is performing online, improves the overall functionality of your website and improves your SEO and content marketing, helps you achieve realistic goal conversions, gets you ahead of the competition and more.

Google Search Console
In order to stay ahead of the game as well as stay industry relevant, Google Search Console is a must-use tool. As a marketer, Google Search Console will help you see how your marketing is progressing, ensure your website is mobile-friendly (very important) and will ensure you are collecting relative data. If you are also using Google Analytics, the two tools can be seamlessly integrated which means you will be able to see your Search Console data in your Google Analytics Report.

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